PROUDLY SERVING LOCALy rAISED and fed beef and pork
Cooking Classes @ Tin Roof!
Come see how much fun cooking can be! (and easier than you think - let Kyleen & Shannon show you how)
PAID pre-registration required to attend. Please contact us or stop by to reserve your spot!
All Classes will be held on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm**, unless otherwise noted.

Class days/times may change, depending on availability and weather.

February 17

Class 1 : The Basics & Scratch Soups

Cost : $25.00

March 3

Class 2 : Amazing Gourmet Burgers

Cost : $35.00

March 17

Class 3 : Sauces & More

Cost : $25.00

March 31

Class 4 : Beef Wellington

Cost : $45.00

April 14

Class 5 : Easy Entertaining 1 - Appetizers

Cost : $35.00*

April 28

Class 6 : Easy Entertaining 2 - Cooking in Quantity

Cost : $35.00*

May 12

Class 7 : Easy Entertaining 3 - Cocktail Hour

Cost : $45.00*

May 26

Class 8 : Scratch or Not? What's the REAL Difference?

Cost : $25.00

June 9

Class 9 : Comfort Foods

Cost : $25.00

June 23

Class 10 : Pie. Need we say more?

Cost : $25.00

July 7

Class 11 : Breakfast, O' Breakfast

Cost : $25.00

July 21

Class 12 : Let's Bake a Cake

Cost : $35.00

August 4

Class 13 : Ribs, Ribs, Ribs

Cost : $35.00

August 18

Class 14 : Here Fishy, Fishy! Salmon

Cost : $35.00

September 1

No Class - Have fun cooking!

September 15

Class 15 : Here Fishy, Fishy! Tuna (fresh)

Cost : $35.00

September 29

Class 16 : Who you callin' Shrimp?

Cost : $35.00

October 6

Class 17 : Easy Italian Classics

Cost : $35.00

October 20

Class 18 : You say Potato - I say Potato

Cost : $25.00

More classes TBA. We also take requests, and would be happy to offer private recipe and cooking consultations.
*These include the cost of 1 glass of wine, or a 12-oz beer. We will also be working on wine pairing, beer pairing, and mixology.
**All classes are 1-2 hours long.

About us
: Tin Roof on the Miami opened its doors on March 17th 2009 to the public. Owned and operated by Craig Hughes family of Fletcher Ohio, Tin Roof is a family affair and unlike the “chain” eateries in Troy, everything that can be made in our kitchen is!! Featuring locally raised and fed beef and pork in our entrees, we also pride ourselves on our made from scratch sides and desserts. Unique to our kitchen is the only grill in the country that is fueled by shelled corn. All of our steaks, burgers and ribs will have a distinctive smoke ring and a beautiful clean flavor resulting from the carcinogen-free heat source of burning corn. Please note all our meats are cooked to temp by thermometer, not by visual color.
  • Tin Roof is available for meetings, rehearsal dinners, private parties and more. Two full time event planners are available to help with all your needs.
  • The Tin Roof Country Store is now open and taking requests for special orders!

Get on the waiting list for our Tin Roof raised freezer beef…selling 2014’s crop today… Tin Roof beef is raised by Cottonwood Creek Charolais (a division of Tin Roof) and is born, fed naturally with grains and forages grown on our 4th generation family farm and processed locally. All of our freezer beef is hormone, antibiotic and steroid free and raised responsibly and humanely.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit!!

​ Tin Roof on the Miami
439 N Elm St.
Troy, OH 45373

Tues - Thurs: 11am-2pm


Fri :                     11am-2pm

Saturday:         4pm-9pm

*Kitchen closes 30 mins prior to restaurant.


WELCOME TO Tin Roof Restaurant